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How to Add Years to Your Laptop Battery Life

Today’s laptops are better than their predecessors by all means especially the battery time.  They are a convenient device to work while travelling or resting in bed.

When people buy Laptops in Australia from a store or an Onlineshop and get the manufacturer’s battery time guarantee, they feel relaxed. But soon they realise that battery time is shorter than promised. Several factors contribute to shortening the life of your device’s battery. But are they inevitable? No, you can easily avoid the influence of these factors. Here we will discuss how to add years to your laptop battery life.

Adjust the Windows Battery Performance Slider

Windows battery performance slider can help you save the battery life of laptops. This is especially important when you unplug your laptop and work depending on the battery power only. You can reduce the display brightness to 25 to 30 percent and work with peace of mind for a whole hour more.

If you are using Mac Book you should use the Better Battery setting.  Moreover, when you do not need to know the notifications on-time, enable Power Nap.

Close Apps during Simple Work and Turn on Airplane Mode

The best tech behaviour is to enable airplane mode when you are doing a single task. This is for windows. However, in your Mac, you need to turn off the Wi-Fi and the Bluetooth while you write your long essays or blogs or edit a long document. Airplane mode saves battery life considerably. All the background apps and processes that run on the battery are turned off on airplane mode.  And the battery remains safe for your tasks only.

Close Apps, Save Power

The best tech tip to save the battery life for a longer time is to turn off some specific apps running on your device. You will be surprised to know that several apps and processes eat up battery life. The Settings app in Windows 10 is the most energy-consuming program.   To know what else also consumes energy, write “apps reducing battery life” into the search area.

You will see a list of apps and many of them you rarely use. Make sure you do not leave them running. People using computers also can do the same action for keeping the performance fast.

Adjust Display Settings and Graphics

If your laptop has powerful graphics, you need it only when you are gaming and not when you are writing or editing the files. If you change in setting the graphics option, you can save a big chunk of your device’s battery life. Overall, it is healthy for the performance of computers as well to keep the graphics adjusted for gaming only.

Keep Your Laptop Cool

The overheated device affects the battery badly. Make sure that you use proper means to keep the laptop cool through good ventilation. When you buy laptops in Australia get a special laptop rack or table that can keep your device cool. Also, clean your laptop from dust every three months or so.


You can boost the battery life of your laptop by turning off a few apps, cooling, and cleaning your laptop you can enjoy longer battery life. Just make sure that you get the best device with manufacturer guarantee from a reliable Onlineshop in Australia.

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