Frequently Asked Questions

For the most part our web and product teams are in-sync. There will be some instances where the images available aren’t 100% correct. There may be differences in colour or another superficial form. We will never upload a photo of an Orange and call it a WiFi router though ?

Of course you can! Your invoice will be available in your My Account profile and they’ll always be sent to you as an attachment in your Completed email notification.

You can always contact us and get a copy sent directly to you as well.

You’ll need to take a look at our Return Policy and follow the steps outlined there.

If we don’t currently have stock of a particular item, it’ll be placed on Backorder and you’ll be notified.

If an item is at end of line, or discontinued, it’ll note that Backorder is not available on the Single Product Page.

At this time, we do have limitations on where we can deliver.

Residential addresses, of course are fine, business addresses too. Where we cannot deliver is to Parcel Lockers or P.O. Boxes. Please do not use them as your delivery address as it will simply extend the dispatch time as we’ll need to contact you directly to get an alternative address.